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Hirschmann EAGLE40

Next Generation Industrial Firewalls

The multiport EAGLE40 next generation firewalls offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to maximize uptime in today’s stringent automated environments.

  • Ensure heightened performance capabilities with more port options, each at one gigabit per second (Gbit/s) bandwidth
  • Protect against physical and virtual threats with ruggedized housing and Stateful and Deep Packet Inspection (SPI/DPI) modules.
  • Gain unrivaled system configurability for all skill levels with a comprehensive graphical user interface and multi layer encryption capabilities.

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Hirschmann’s multiport EAGLE40 next generation firewalls deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to ensure maximum protection for production among today’s stringent industrial and process automation systems. Evolving alongside data transfer demands, the EAGLE40 devices include more port options with increased bandwidth and encryption capabilities. Supporting both OSPF dynamic routing and VRRP router redundancy, the device is an economically sound approach to maximize uptime, regardless of network throughput.

These industrial firewalls incorporate the Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS) and DPI modules to offer a customizable, around the clock solution that meets an infrastructure’s unique cybersecurity demands.


Cybersecurity is a top priority in our digital world. The Hirschmann EAGLE40 firewalls were specifically designed to meet the critical demands of industrial and process automation environments. These devices include software optimized for DPI applications to meet a variety of industrial protocols. EAGLE40 07 comes with advanced intrusion detection and protection capabilities. Software will be updated continuously and support for additional protocols will be added in the future. This makes the versatile and highly configurable firewall especially ideal across OT teams with various experience levels and skillsets.

With a convection cooled metal housing and an extensive operating temperature range, EAGLE40 devices support the movement towards IT/OT convergence by providing a comprehensive multi deployment solution without compromising network uptime. Thus, the EAGLE40 product family is optimally suited to implement a zones and conduits concept according to ISA/IEC 62443, enabling a defense in depth network architecture.


Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the EAGLE40 next generation firewalls are backed by robust industry approvals and infrastructure compliance standards appropriately suited for the oil and gas, power transmission and distribution, as well as water and wastewater industries. The extensive bandwidth and data encryption support also make the EAGLE40 devices an ideal firewall solution within machine building and general manufacturing settings, as well as for use across security networks.

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The Hirschmann multiport EAGLE40 next-generation firewalls expedite intrusion detection using DPI and SPI for hardened cybersecurity under the stringent conditions of today’s industrial environments.

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