Tripwire Solutions for Federal Agencies

See, Decide, and Operate With Confidence

Tripwire has been a strategic partner to the U.S. Federal Government for over 20 years, helping thousands of federal customers improve their cybersecurity. As the pioneers of file integrity monitoring (FIM), Tripwire’s expertise is built on a history of innovation that includes over 40 patents. Teaming with parent company Belden, Tripwire also brings 100+ years of expertise and integration with industrial technologies. Tripwire’s known and trusted IT/OT security capabilities are well suited for complex environments in the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors, across dispersed on-premises deployments, hybrid cloud architectures, and industrial control systems.

Why Federal Agencies Trust Tripwire

Tripwire provides the essential cybersecurity platform that enables agencies to see with confidence, decide with confidence and operate with confidence while meeting requirements established by independent frameworks and regulatory standards such as FISMA, NIST, DISA and CIS. Our award winning cyber integrity solutions are used across the DoD, intelligence agencies and nearly every civilian federal department and independent agency, as well as the legislative and judicial branches. We are proud to be part of the CDM approved product list (APL) helping many agencies improve their security posture.

Unmatched Integrity Management

Integrity management is an essential component of an effective cybersecurity program. Why? Because perimeter based security and network defenses routinely fail, making it safe to assume that threat actors are in the environment. Integrity management is about having the confidence in the ability to see critical assets, to make decisions that assure system integrity, and enabling operations that identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. Integrity management from Tripwire is unmatched at providing visibility into critical assets, assurance of system integrity, and ensuring that operations stay focused on the right action. Tripwire’s best in class technology and services allow agencies to focus on the right endpoints in real time—on site and in the cloud—and enables intelligent decisions and actions to strengthen security.

See, Decide and Operate with Confidence

The following Tripwire solutions can be used individually or in combination to help your agency reduce its attack surface, streamline compliance efforts, gain better system visibility and respond to threats quickly.

FIM, SCM and Compliance: Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise pairs the industry’s most respected file integrity monitoring (FIM) capabilities with security configuration management (SCM) for real time change intelligence and threat detection. It provides agencies with an unparalleled breadth and depth of change management intelligence.

Tripwire Enterprise is known for its intrusion detection system and its robust FIM capabilities. It stands out because of its user friendly interface and out of the box functionality. Easy to read graphs identify changes by platform and show whether they were authorized or not.

Changes can then be examined on a granular level to see the date, time, user and other pertinent information. Tripwire Enterprise makes it possible to quickly detect any unplanned changes that affect compliance status, which may be early indicators of cyberattacks.

Its Policy Manager proactively hardens systems by assessing configurations against internal and external security standards using a library of over 2,000 combinations of compliance policies and platforms.

Log Management: Tripwire LogCenter

Tripwire LogCenter™ provides secure and reliable agent based log collection to add real time intelligence to data, along with security analytics and forensics for rapid incident detection and response. It readily integrates with your existing infrastructure and includes a growing library of correlation rules. Combining Tripwire Log Center with Splunk can be a cost saver for government agencies, as it allows them to limit transmitted data volume. 

Vulnerability Management: Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360™ proactively discovers, identifies, profiles and assesses the vulnerability risk of your agency’s assets. It enables fast detection of vulnerabilities, granular prioritization of risk, and remediation management—offering both agent based and agentless VM approaches.


Tripwire solutions reduce complexity and total cost of ownership across hybrid environments, spanning on prem virtual machines, private cloud, public cloud, multi cloud, and containerized environments, including AWS GovCloud, Azure GovCloud, milCloud and others.

Managed Services

Tripwire offers managed services, including the updating and management of software, that reduces agency risk and increases compliance while filling gaps in agency budget and staff resources.

Professional Services and Resident Engineers

Tripwire Professional Services is a team of certified Tripwire experts ready to assist in maximizing the value of your investment. They are available to work virtually or on site as needed with your agency. Tripwire also offers a Resident Engineer program providing Tripwire certified employees onsite at your agency. Tripwire Resident Engineers serve as an expert level, dedicated on site resource to manage your Tripwire solution.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

With the ability to span IT and OT environments, Tripwire provides the greatest scope of visibility and continuous monitoring of critical assets for industrial environments, enabling agencies to know what’s on their network, if assets are configured correctly, if the configuration is changing, or if a device is on the brink of failure. These capabilities are foundational to ensuring the resilience, safety and security of the control systems that manage critical infrastructure.

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