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Tripwire Managed Service Provider Program

Customizable Cybersecurity Controls for MSPs

Managed service providers (MSPs) can gain a competitive advantage by bolstering their service packages with managed cybersecurity controls to make their service capabilities more robust. The current technology landscape necessitates that end-users can access services on a more flexible basis and deploy licenses on-demand.

That’s why leading MSPs and managed security service providers (MSSPs) rely on Tripwire to round out their services tool stack. The Tripwire MSP program helps MSPs attain a customized blend of security controls on usage-based terms to service end clients.


Security Controls with Tripwire Technology

Security controls enforced by Tripwire span on-premises, cloud, and industrial settings. From file integrity monitoring (FIM) and security configuration management (SCM) to vulnerability management (VM) and beyond, the Tripwire MSP program helps organizations find the correct fit based on their rates of usage and particular needs.


FIM is the security technology invented by Tripwire that monitors and detects changes in your environment to detect and remediate cybersecurity threats. Tripwire solutions detect and alert on suspicious changes, and additionally provide remediation guidance to bring systems back to their secure and hardened state. Tripwire captures a system’s configuration baseline and delivers the “who, what, and when” details of each relevant file change


Building a mature vulnerability management program takes time. Tripwire’s application-centric approach to vulnerability assessment searches for specific vulnerabilities based on operating systems, applications, and services. This ensures that only the required signatures are run, limiting negative application interactions. Risk prioritization and remediation guidance help teams address the most urgent vulnerabilities first.


Tripwire’s cybersecurity solutions provide industrial operators with deeper insight and visibility by monitoring assets such as application servers, engineering workstations, HMI, FTP servers, data historians, asset management systems, web-facing app servers, Active Directory, Domain name services, virtual assets, and more. Industrial organizations get a clear picture of what’s on their network and avoid costly downtime caused by breaches or human error. A growing rate of organizations outsource IT security functions to balance tight budgets, quickly access licenses, and address the widespread cybersecurity skills gap. The Tripwire MSP program empowers end-user organizations to receive exactly what they need from their cybersecurity solutions, even when those needs are in a continual state of flux. For those who consistently require a higher degree of usage, discounted consumption licenses are available.


One-Way Architecture

The Tripwire MSP program employs a one way architecture—data collection doesn’t require an inbound connection to the end-user environment.

This helps bypass inbound access prohibitions and considerations around firewalls or network configurations. This simplified deployment route makes getting up and running a straightforward process.