Tripwire’s Solutions for Automated, Continuous PCI Compliance

Comprehensive Protection of Customer Data

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was created to help organizations that process credit card payments secure the cardholder environment to prevent credit card fraud, cyber threats, and other security vulnerabilities. The latest version, 4.0, provides specific security guidance on handling, processing, transmitting, and storing credit card data to minimize the theft, exposure, and leakage of personal and financial credit information. Businesses who process credit card transactions are required to comply with the new PCI 4.0 requirements by March 2024.

The Challenge

Credit card data and the systems processing it remain a valuable target for attackers. Research and many forensic investigations have shown that it can take attackers mere seconds to minutes to breach an organization’s defenses, but it takes an average of eight months to discover a breach—and by that time, millions of records could have been exfiltrated. With the continuing rise of ransomware threats, the need to provide a minimum baseline for security standards has become even more important.

The Goal: Continuous PCI Compliance & Security

Unfortunately, many organizations focus their energies on a “check box” mentality for passing each PCI compliance audit and then simply return to business as usual after the administrative scramble. This is when configurations can “drift” out of compliance, even though at a particular point in time the organization may have undergone third party penetration testing and vulnerability assessments and had passed an audit. As IT security professionals know, minimum adherence to compliance standards has been no guarantee of security. However, the PCI v4.0 Standards seek to enforce continuous compliance and security oversight. PCI DSS should be implemented into BAU (business as usual) activities as part of an entity’s overall security strategy. This continual operational focus on compliance and security will lead to improved system integrity and reduced risk.

PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance Highlights

Even if you are already PCI 3.2.1 compliant, progressing to v4.0 will require some extra effort. Tripwire has the tools to streamline PCI 3.2.1 compliance and determine readiness for 4.0. The scope of the changes for 4.0 may take some organizations more time to adopt operational process changes. Tripwire recommends reviewing the updated standards early to maximize the time available to plan for the new standards to take effect in March 2024.

Tripwire’s PCI Compliance Solution

Tripwire is the leading domain expert and provider of continuous PCI compliance and automation, delivering a suite of products and services that enable merchants, banks, and payment processors to create and enforce a comprehensive PCI security policy. Our solutions can proactively discover, harden, and secure all systems that store credit card data.

Tripwire also helps companies prepare and respond effectively to audits.
  • Tripwire Enterprise delivers award winning policy management and tightly integrated file integrity monitoring
    • Real time alerts on change audit or detection of threat indicators or anomalies
    • Establishes a known and trusted configuration baseline for your security policy, hardening configurations and catching configuration drift
    • Remediation guidance built in, speeding resolution of issues for your IT Security and SOC teams
  • Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) automates continuous configuration and compliance assessment
    • As an agentless architecture (no software to install on the end points)
    • Fast and easy deployment
    • Management is simplified and highly cost effective
  • Tripwire LogCenter® with event correlation
    • Ingests security information from a variety of sources to correlate information and alert on “events of interest”
  • Tripwire IP360 delivers vulnerability assessment
    • Auto discovery of your environment provides visibility of hardware and software—whether in- or out-of-scope
    • Scans your environment using vulnerability intelligence to find the risks you need to act on

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