Tripwire Managed Services

Get the most out of your team and Tripwire Enterprise

Today’s IT and InfoSec Executives are challenged with an ever changing cybersecurity landscape. When combined with the proliferation of new sources of information every day, it can be increasing difficult to maintain and operate technology solutions that are designed protect the organization from risk. Many IT organizations are struggling to revise processes to establish governance practices, but that takes time and strategic focus and can be difficult to achieve when juggling multiple priorities along with day to day administration duties.

Security experts are in high demand and as a result, organizations struggle to retain their top talent. Security analysts and engineers strive to be part of the strategic picture but are often sidelined with operational responsibilities that can be outsourced.

Tripwire Managed Services understands these challenges and offers levels of service that are compatible with your operational needs and process maturity. Expectations are clearly defined by SLAs, and services are delivered by certified experts that can respond to your complex requirements and ensure that your security risks are managed.

Many managed services attempt to provide services with a pool of resources that do not have a sufficient level of understanding of how you intend to leverage cybersecurity information. Tripwire Managed Services establishes a single primary point of contact along with a designated backup that will help you maintain operational documentation of any configuration changes or adjustments needed to Tripwire products to support new initiatives.

Tripwire Managed Services helps you succeed by doing what we do best: operate and manage Tripwire Products. You can focus on improving your security posture and process maturity while we support those efforts by ensuring that information that highlights risk to your organization is available when and how you need it.




This tier is ideal for customers who are just getting started with change management or compliance practices. The Essential tier provides day to day maintenance of the product for customers that don’t need Tripwire Managed Services to be involved in their change or compliance processes but need a reliable accounting of change or compliance information.


This tier includes day to day maintenance of the product along with tactical tuning assistance to ensure that the most important information is surfaced for action. Managed Services will provide dedicated problem support as well as management of Tripwire Apps. Managed Services will build custom reporting and dashboards and perform detailed results analysis. Tripwire Dynamic Software Reconciliataion is included as a subscription in this level at no additional cost.


At this tier, we are tightly integrated into customer change and compliance practices, assisting with reconciliation of change and prioritization of remediation activities. This tier includes a program coordinator to ensure ongoing client satisfaction and to prioritize work activities. Operational documentation is a key part of this offering and will serve as a guideline to the customer on their internal practices. Tripwire Integration Framework is included as a subscription at no additional cost.