Tripwire Resident Engineers for Federal Agencies

The cybersecurity skills gap leaves Federal agencies without adequate staffing for the operation of their security tools. High turnover rates can also cause agencies to lose essential knowledge when team members leave who were familiar with the tools. To complicate matters further, the pandemic is driving the need for temporary cybersecurity support as agencies navigate new, remote work environments and the risk that introduces.

Tripwire resident engineers serve as an expert-level, dedicated onsite or remote resource to manage your Tripwire solutions. Their focus is ensuring that you get the most value out of your Tripwire investment as it relates to your business, security and compliance objectives.


Flexible Options to Fit Your Agency

This flexible program is designed to fit your agency’s specific circumstances. With a Tripwire resident engineer, you can choose from a fixed period duration or opt to retain your resident engineer as an ongoing resource. For example, some agencies utilize their resident engineer to engage in a knowledge transfer period during implementation to bring them up to speed for a three month timeframe. For those agencies that do not need full-time support, there is also an option for half-time resident engineers.

Tripwire resident engineers can support you onsite, remotely, or a combination of the two. Agencies that are geographically spread out can opt to have their resident engineer move between locations as well.


What to Expect from Your Resident Engineer

Tripwire resident engineers are completely dedicated to your agency with continuous support and delivery rather than point-in-time advising. Resident engineers are certified Tripwire experts who provide the following:

  • Implementation and maintenance duties
  • Design and architecture guidance to maximize solution value and support seamless operation
  • Create and implement any necessary custom content for monitoring and alerting to meet business objectives
  • Guidance and support through audits
  • Staff enablement and runbook creation
  • Lead implementation efforts as the solution expands to other parts of the environment
  • Provide guidance and implementation of any new relevant features as they become available
  • Provide oversight and guidance for current and future use or expansion of the solution
  • Participate in corporate change management processes for modifications to the Tripwire environment
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance for Tripwire-related issues and integrations
  • Perform ongoing operational best practices knowledge transfer to your staff
  • Create operational documentation as needed
  • Subject matter expertise and point of contact for Tripwire


Maximize the Value of Your Tripwire Solution

Your resident engineer’s expertise will help you get the most out of your Tripwire solution in order to meet NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency), CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), and NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) compliance goals

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