The Tripwire Technical Account Manager Program

Have you ever wished that when you had a support issue you only had to explain it once, and to only one person? 

Have you ever wished that when you had a support issue you only had to explain it once, and to only one person? With a Tripwire Technical Account Manager assigned to your support needs, that’s a given. Having a Technical Account Manager (TAM) is like adding an extra member to your IT team— without adding extra head count. You gain a valued team member with specialized knowledge of Tripwire products and with direct access to the engineers and product specialists who develop those products. Imagine an extension to your team with direct access to all of Tripwire’s internal resources.

Specialist Support with the Tripwire Technical Support Program

The following are the most prominent and workable security control frameworks. They have natural overlap with some of the specified controls, and closely align to each other. They are considered living documents and are regularly updated by their parent organizations as threats, technology, best practices and attack scenarios evolve.

By enrolling in the Tripwire Technical Account Manager Program, you gain a Tripwire product specialist to ensure that you benefit from the full value of your Tripwire investment. This program enables a personalized relationship so you won’t explain your environment or your issues multiple times or to multiple people. You enjoy personalized support because each Technical Account Manager is committed to a limited number of accounts. Plus, you have direct access to your TAM, so there’s never a need to wait in a hold queue. Your TAM always works with your account and is familiar with your specific environment, processes and business goals and needs. Plus, your TAM will visit onsite at a minimum annually to work with your team on system health, staff development, software upgrades and to facilitate strategic planning and product roadmap discussions.

Tripwire Technical Account Manager Program customers enjoy a support agreement that offers the following benefits, all with one renewable annual agreement and for one annual fee:

  • Enterprise Plus Support—the highest level available from Tripwire
  • A named specialist contact for all your Tripwire product and technical support needs
  • A single product expert who knows your business and will proactively help you gain the most value from your Tripwire investment
  • An advocate that will engage cross-functional resources within Tripwire to ensure that your interests are well represented for product enhancements
  • Quarterly Support Management review of case management performance
  • Direct email and phone access to your TAM
  • Priority escalation of all your support issues
  • Unlimited incident support
  • Unlimited named contacts
  • Remote diagnostic support services
  • Up to fifteen days on-site per year at no additional cost (number of seats dependent on offering selected)
  • Up to eight seats of self-study, classroom, or virtual training per year (number of seats dependent on offering selected)
  • 24x7 support for Sev 1 System Down issues
  • 30 minute response time for Sev 1 & 2 issues


Tripwire TAM Offerings

Tripwire TAM Staff/Account Ratio Onsite Training


Three Days Two Seats
1:3 Five Days Four Seats
1:1 Three Visits per year, Five days each Onsite or eight seats