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Comprehensive, Flexible and Complete: Tripwire Training Your Way

At Tripwire, we understand that people learn in different ways and have myriad demands on their time. So Tripwire offers a wide spectrum of training offerings across its product line to get you the knowledge you want and need, delivered in a way that best suits your situation—whether physical classroom training at your site or ours, virtual instructor-led training, through online eLearning courses or traditional self-study.

Tripwire Training excels in helping customers rapidly get up to speed on Tripwire products, enabling you to quickly get the value of your Tripwire investment. Our expert trainers have honed our curriculum to ensure that you receive the in-depth education you need to become a Tripwire product specialist.

Instructor-Led Training

These expertly-taught courses provide a thorough examination and practical implementation of Tripwire solutions through hands-on classroom training provided by a Tripwire Certified Instructor. This training gives students the tools needed to properly implement and manage their Tripwire solution by providing an in-depth learning experience using real-world scenarios. Students gain practical product knowledge and skills via comprehensive coursework and complementary exercises.

The learning track is divided into two courses, Tripwire Operator and Tripwire Professional, which are offered back-to-back. Students begin with the two-day Tripwire Operator course, which provides them with the skills they need to use the product and understand many of its functions. After successful completion, most students immediately continue with the three-day Tripwire Professional course to further enhance their product knowledge and gain more in-depth experience with Tripwire Enterprise. Additionally, students have access to certification exams after each course is completed, and Tripwire Instructor-led training can apply as CPE hours for technical industry certifications.

Virtual, Instructor-Led Training

Virtual, Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is also offered for those students who prefer to attend training with an instructor but cannot travel to attend a classroom training event. These courses are conducted by the same expert instructors and use the same materials as the courses offered in physical classrooms. You will also benefit from our VILT Fusion methodology, which fuses eLearning and instructor-led training technique. This means more time flexibility and more opportunities for personal mentoring and consulting with an instructor when you need it. As a bonus, all training material will come to you loaded on an Apple iPad, which is yours to keep!

On-Site Training 

With Tripwire On-site Training, we bring the classroom experience to you. These classes provide in-depth knowledge and skill acquisition—all at your location. Tripwire offers this training in various combinations and group sizes to fit any organization’s needs, and we can also arrange a facility or supply virtual machines if you do not have an on-site training facility. As with Instructor-led training, students have access to certification exams upon completion.

Self-Paced Training

Self-paced Training includes the printed material used in Tripwire’s Instructor-led classes, and is augmented with special exercises students can do in their own lab environment, at their own pace. The only online element of the self-study course is a certification exam for the chosen course.


eLearning provides online, multimedia training on a variety of subjects. Tripwire eLearning courses are based on specific topics and are intended to build upon the basic knowledge received through the curriculum of our Instructor-led courses, coupling it with supplemental exercises and tutorials to ensure content knowledge and retention.

Training Credits

Training Credits are a perfect solution for a customer who understands the value of training, but does not yet know which training avenue to take. Available in any amount, training credits can be redeemed for any combination of the Tripwire Training offerings available.