Tripwire Advisory Services

Subscription-Based Professional Services

Cybersecurity teams often rely on input from highly skilled experts to help maximize the success of their work. Yet execution of one-time projects may not provide the ongoing expertise needed to sustain an initiative. And not every organization has the resources — let alone the need — for full-time consulting services.

Fortra’s Tripwire Advisory Services is a subscription-based, remote professional service that pairs you with a professional services consultant for a year of ongoing sessions. The Advisory subscription service empowers you to customize the amount of monthly engagement that works best for you. Regularly accessing professional services expertise, as opposed to a one-time engagement, offers exceptional flexibility to help you consistently benefit from the latest insights, best practices, and product updates, keeping you continually up to speed with your Tripwire solution.


A Wealth of Services Delivered in Small Increments

Tripwire Advisory Services are available in annual subscriptions in increments of four hours per month (four, eight, twelve, or any unit of hours that fits your needs). For example, your consultant can provide expert input on questions that arise during operation for your Tripwire solution, review procedures and documentation, and offer best practice reviews and guidance throughout the year as your needs evolve. You can opt to start there or purchase additional subscription time to meet your needs as well.


Example Tripwire Advisory Services Roadmap

Your consultant will be ready to provide the following professional services based on a recommended scope and schedule, ensuring you receive outstanding engagement and see substantive results. This table illustrates a suggested roadmap with service activities mapped to the progression of a typical Tripwire implementation lifecycle and can be adjusted if necessary to better meet your specific needs. This list isn’t exhaustive, and Tripwire Advisory Services can also be used to compliment other Tripwire service offerings. For example, Tripwire Advisory Services can be used in concert with a multi-week, one-time project, with the Advisory consultant assisting in the planning leading up to the project, the execution of the project, and expert input for the months following the one-time project.


Example Tripwire Advisory Services Roadmap

Fortra’s Tripwire Advisory Services is a subscription-based, remote professional service that pairs you with a member of the field team that you may already know. The service is designed to maximize the success of your cybersecurity and compliance teams on an ongoing basis.

Why Subscription-Based Professional Services?

Some cybersecurity and compliance projects call for an intensive professional services partnership within a short timeframe. Other times, you may need a consultant to act as an extension of your team for large, long-term endeavors.

Tripwire Advisory Services falls right in between, giving you easily scheduled, unobtrusive but consistent engagement to help you stay on track with your goals with a sense of momentum and continuity.

Ready to Get Started?

Tripwire Advisory Services connects you with a trusted expert in those instances when you need a level of ongoing interaction to maximize the effectiveness of your cybersecurity and compliance programs. Request a quote to get started today.