Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance

Enterprise Asset Discovery and Profiling for Network Situational Awareness

Tripwire® Asset Discovery Appliance discovers all networked hosts, applications and services. By providing a comprehensive view of devices and software on your network, you gain the foundation for effective security configuration management and compliance processes. Only this appliance provides low bandwidth, non-intrusive host and network profiling for use with Tripwire Enterprise.

Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance can identify applications that are active on your network to help discover and inventory software and services that increase security risk, or are prohibited by policy and compliance requirements. It can also identify which ports are open on your network assets, helping you identify which services are (or are not) running on your network.

Download the datasheet to learn more about:

  • Addressing the top two Center for Internet Security (CIS) controls
  • How the Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance conducts discovery and inventory
  • Integrations between the Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance and Tripwire Enterprise