Automated TISAX Compliance

Stay audit-ready with Tripwire Enterprise

TISAX, the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, is a mandatory compliance requirement for companies that touch any point of the German automotive supply chain. Its industry-wide enforcement applies to auto manufacturers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), but reaches further to encompass development and procurement departments as well: Even if your company isn’t Germany based and only produces a single microchip that will eventually end up in a German vehicle, your network still falls under the purview of TISAX.


Spend Less Time on Audit Preparation

German automotive group VDA (Verband Deutscher Automobilindustire) and the ENX Association oversee TISAX, and audit preparation for pertinent companies can take IT teams away from their regular work for costly weeks and even months at a time. These pre-audit sprints, focused on producing evidence of TISAX compliance across the network, not only drain time and resources, their efforts only produce compliance levels for a specific point in time. Instead, your teams can use Tripwire® Enterprise in order to maintain truly continuous compliance and stay audit ready year-round.

Development and procurement managers who are responsible for controlling the digital environment of the supply chain know they need to produce evidence of TISAX compliance for their OEM in the form of an audit certificate. If a satisfactory audit certificate can’t be provided, development and procurement departments can lose access to their OEM’s technology environments, hindering their ability to conduct business as usual. So naturally, companies are willing to pour significant resources into audit preparation in order to reach their targets—audit preparation that can be automated by Tripwire Enterprise, the security configuration management (SCM) suite that provides fully integrated solutions for policy, file integrity, and remediation management.


SCM: Essential for Continuous Compliance

Monitoring the configuration state within your network is a twofold beneficial process: It ensures continuous compliance with compliance standards like TISAX, but it also staves off potential cyberattacks and breaches by keeping configurations secure.


Automating TISAX with Tripwire Enterprise

Once Tripwire Enterprise is installed in your environment, it uses the TISAX policy against your current configuration state and alerts on non-compliant assets with instructions for remediation. It provides continuous—rather than point-in-time—compliance.

You can use Tripwire Enterprise to monitor for multiple compliance requirements at once—for example, you may need to apply policies for TISAX, ISO27001, and IEC62443 in tandem. Tripwire Enterprise gives you access to the broadest available library of platform and policy combinations to ensure compliance is enforced comprehensively across the whole environment.

Use Tripwire Enterprise to:
  • Accelerate audits and reduce audit preparation
  • Achieve 24/7 complaince and improve cybersecurity
  • Utilize cybersecurity resources more efficiently
  • Track compliance and configuration drift
  • Transform compliance into an easy to measure KPI
  • Get clear, automated change documentation



Tripwire’s SCM suite, Tripwire Enterprise, contains a pre-built policy for TISAX that you can leverage for continuous compliance and audit preparedness. Enforce multiple compliance policies across your environment and take advantage of the cybersecurity benefits that arise from TISAX compliance

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