Tripwire Enterprise and Chef

Automated Deployment for DevOps Environments

To ensure availability while controlling risk, today’s agile enterprises need to adapt quickly to business digitalization and new IT models. IT organizations are feeling pressure from the business to deploy applications faster to help stay ahead of the competition. Traditional approaches to systems management— manual processes, golden images, and custom scripts—don’t cut it anymore as the scale and complexity of today’s IT environment is too overwhelming.

You need to deploy applications faster while still ensuring your systems are reliable. Adopting DevOps practices will help you achieve this greater speed and reliability, while setting yourself up for future innovation and growth.

Automation is the foundation for many DevOps practices, helping your team drive faster, more efficient deployments.

How the Solution Work Together

Our approach to automation was born with the DevOps movement. Make better, faster deployment decisions by putting reliable and timely information at the fingertips of decision makers. Achieve safety and velocity with Chef Automate. Chef Automate includes a continuous deployment pipeline for infrastructure and applications, automated testing for compliance and security, as well as dashboards and reports for troubleshooting, auditing and management.

Tripwire® Enterprise is a security configuration management suite with policy, integrity, and remediation management capabilities to help customers attain greater confidence in their DevOps environment.

With Chef, customers can quickly gain Tripwire Enterprise value by automating the installation of Tripwire Enterprise agents. The benefit to customers is the install speed: by just adding a line to existing deployment recipes, deployment complexity is reduced and Tripwire Enterprise benefits more quickly realized.


About Chef 

Chef is the leader in Continuous Automation software, and one of the founders of the DevOps movement. Chef works with more than a thousand of the most innovative companies around the world to deliver their vision of digital transformation, providing the practices and platform to deliver software at speed. Chef Automate is Chef’s Continuous Automation Platform which is powered by an awesome community and open source software engines: Chef for infrastructure, Habitat for applications, and InSpec for compliance. For more visit


About Tripewire 

Tripwire discovers every asset on an organization’s network and delivers high fidelity visibility and deep intelligence about those endpoints. When combined with business context, this valuable information enables immediate detection of breach activity and identifies other changes that can impact security risk.

Tripwire solutions also deliver actionable reports and alerts and enable the integration of valuable endpoint intelligence into operational systems, such as change management databases, ticketing systems, patch management and security solutions including SIEMS, malware detection, and risk and analytics.

These integrations are part of our Technology Alliance Program and they ensure our customers have robust, accurate information to make their organizations more cyber-secure.