Tripwire Enterprise and Cherwell

Business/ Technical Challenges 

The real problem? Fragmented tools.

  • Many complex systems to manage
  • Multiple sources of truth that don’t always match up

With the spike in advanced, zero day and targeted attacks, it’s more difficult than ever to detect them quickly and respond in time—and no one has unlimited resources to address the large number of malicious incidents. It’s now a problem of scale: how do you quickly focus your resources on the greatest risks to your most critical assets? The real technology issue is fragmented tools and lack of context around threats and the assets they impact. You need a solution that provides high confidence, actionable information with context about the threat and the affected assets. This solution must also help your organization quickly respond, to limit the financial and information loss in case of a breach.


Joint Tripwire & Cherwell Solution 

More Secure. More Agile. More Value. Automated ways for systems to directly integrate and communicate with each other.



More Secure—Useful data exists across your organization. Turn those silos of usable data into IT intelligence by integrating your ITSM solution with other data rich solutions such as asset inventory, business intelligence, remote control, and endpoint management systems.

Integrating solutions that contain such data eliminates the time consuming activity of requesting information from other teams or departments. And instant access to this information can often be the key to promptly solving a user’s problem, including enhanced cybersecurity.

More Agile—With today’s relative ease of data integration, the complex, tiered structure of the traditional organization has become more equalized, creating the opportunity to build better partnerships between historically siloed business units, and leading to greater trust between IT and those it serves.

More Value—When data is truly integrated and unified, more time can be spent adding value and improving the quality of the services—and less time spent troubleshooting problems.


About Tripwire 

Tripwire discovers every asset on an organization’s network and delivers high  fidelity visibility and deep intelligence about those endpoints. When combined with business context, this valuable information enables immediate detection of breach activity and identifies other changes that can impact security risk.

Tripwire solutions also deliver actionable reports and alerts and enable the integration of valuable endpoint intelligence into operational systems, such as change management databases, ticketing systems, patch management and security solutions including SIEMS, malware detection, and risk and analytics.

These integrations are part of our Technology Alliance Program and they ensure our customers have robust, accurate information to make their organizations more cyber secure.