Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services

Cloud computing has transformed business and government at an extraordinary pace by delivering business-supporting technology more efficiently than ever. The cloud has changed the way IT thinks about how to design and deliver computing technology applications and, according to Gartner, by 2015 10% of enterprise IT security will be delivered in the cloud.

What if enterprises could improve IT infrastructure availability and uptime for their business customers without increasing costs? Each day, enterprises face an increase of operational issues that affect the quality of services delivered to their users and business units. To ensure that corporate business systems and IT infrastructure are available to support the growing digitalization of the workplace, IT must be able to manage disparate environments (such as on-premises and the public cloud) that span multiple environments with a single, foundational platform that provides operational insights into changes that impact availability and uptime, enables collaboration with security and compliance teams, and addresses incidents quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, many organizations cannot achieve this level of effectiveness and efficiency. For these organizations, critical change information is often stored in disparate systems across disconnected and different IT environments, stopping IT from having a unified and consolidated operational view into their security and compliance posture which increases the difficulty in remediating changes that impact IT availability and uptime.


Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services Delivers For Today’s Agile IT

Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services is designed to address these challenges with an integrated enterprise-scale solution. The solution works with on-premises and public cloud (Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) environments through a single, foundational platform that enables consolidated real-time change intelligence dashboards, alerts, and reports, and automatic synchronization of asset information between each environment.

Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services encompasses:
  • Tripwire Enterprise 8.4+ deployed with File Integrity Monitoring and Policy Manager.
  • Deployment scripts that support the most common enterprise deployment tools, so you can deploy Tripwire Enterprise agents to the assets/hosts that you need to manage and monitor.
  • On- and Offboarding automation installed on the TE Console will discover new assets/hosts, services and applications on your monitored hosts. When new assets/hosts are discovered, the assets will be categorized, classified and baselined with suitable asset tags so they are covered by appropriate Tripwire Enterprise reports and scoped to the proper policies.

The AWS Management Console integration provides for synchronization with the TE Console in order for discovered assets and their tags, groups, and services to stay aligned and provide end-to-end visibility.

  • Tripwire Enterprise Commander, a cross-platform CLI for Tripwire Enterprise that allows unlimited integration and workflow possibilities. It offers a consistent, flexible and reliable way to retrieve rich information from Tripwire Enterprise and is instrumental for the automation workflows necessary for flexible cloud support.



When IT needs to keep watch over mission-critical servers on their entire IT infrastructure—on-premises, in a public cloud, or a combination of both—Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services provides Tripwire Enterprise customers with following benefits:

End-to-End Visibility—Provides IT with a singular unified view of both cloud and on-premises assets. Customized dashboards provide visibility into “bad” changes and enables prioritization of remediation efforts on high-valued uptime but only after we evaluate the data first. Improve your collaboration with your security and compliance teams with shared visibility of changes. The TE Console provides accurate and reliable information from all assets (on-premises and cloud deployments) that assist IT, Security and Compliance if an incident does occur.

Automation and Integration—Enables IT agility to meet new business demands through improved efficiency by focusing on the strategic and not the tactical. We automate repetitive tasks that take away time from strategic initiatives. Elastic onboarding and offboarding of assets provide organizations the ability to scale their IT infrastructure to meet business demands and support new business initiatives.

Quicker IT Responsiveness—Maintain and improve your IT services by understanding and prioritizing the areas of potential risks and vulnerabilities against a known baseline of your cloud and on-premises assets. Identify and evaluate all changes with configuration assessments and integrity management. We help you find answers quickly.