Tripwire Enterprise and IBM QRadar

Enrich your SIEM with Compliance and Change Intelligence

Stay ahead of emerging threats with IBM Security and Tripwire

Cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever, and the attacks on all types of organizations show no signs of slowing down. That’s why IBM Security, Tripwire and a wide range of security industry leaders have joined forces on the IBM Security App Exchange—so security teams from around the world can work together to create better cyber defenses.

Reduce risk with Tripwire App for QRadar

Using the Tripwire App for QRadar, you can incorporate file integrity monitoring and security configuration management data into IBM QRadar for reporting, forensics, and correlation. Reports and dashboards are provided for visualizing this intelligence within your own QRadar dashboards. Forensic capabilities include a right click context menu item for IP addresses in QRadar to easily search Tripwire® Enterprise for relevant nodes with changes or failing compliance rules. Correlated data points like changes occurring after failed logons, or changes made by suspicious user during odd hours can quickly add color to an incident.

The IBM Security App Exchange provides organizations with:

  • Convenient web access to validated extensions to IBM Security solutions
  • Additional IBM® Security QRadar® correlation rules, dashboards, visualizations and third party integrations
  • The ability to share content with industry peers to help eliminate threats

Additionally, real time change detection in Tripwire Enterprise triggered by events or rules in QRadar, reduces investigation costs and mean time to remediate incidents. For example, this solution includes out of the box support for real time checks of Cisco IOS devices that are sending syslog events in QRadar. When a user logon/logoff is detected for a device, a scan is triggered and results sent to QRadar.

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Discover the IBM Security App Exchange

The IBM Security App Exchange is the premier collaboration site for sharing software enhancements, applications and extensions that complement IBM Security solutions. It enables security teams to access tools that help improve visibility into threats, anomalies and malicious activity occurring on the network, while also expanding the mitigation and remediation capabilities deeply integrated in the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform.

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