Tripwire Enterprise and SunView ChangeGear Integration

Run your compliance program at peak efficiency

Detect Change and Assess Compliance with Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise is the industry standard for integrity monitoring, change detection, and compliance validation. With Tripwire Enterprise, organizations can effectively baseline the asset configurations throughout their environment, and then detect any change—including detection in real time. Accurate and comprehensive change detection is key to preventing and responding to incidents.

Tripwire Enterprise uses the collected configuration data to assess systems against a wide variety of security and regulatory standards, including PCI, NERC CIP, HIPAA, CIS, and NIST. Ensuring systems are hardened and in compliance with standards reduces the risk of both audit findings and security incidents.


ChangeGear for when Change Compliance

Matters Modern organizations require a Change Management solution optimized to support the dramatic increase and complexity of infrastructure changes. Through advanced automation and workflow, SunView ChangeGear has been designed to streamline the entire change and release management processes that enable organizations to meet auditing and compliance requirements. Compliance-driven organizations need compliance-driven solutions, and ChangeGear leads the pack in industries where PCI, NIST, NERC CIP and HIPAA matters. Their SOC2 compliant software delivers a codeless platform where SLAs, automated workflows, and detailed audit trails ensure that changes are executed in strict adherence to security and industry guidelines.


The Value of Integration

Tripwire Enterprise excels at identifying changes and non-compliance, while ChangeGear facilitates the workflows necessary for responding to these findings. Integrating the two solutions delivers a closed-loop change management process by reconciling detected changes with planned work. Additionally, compliance findings can be automatically turned into a ticket in ChangeGear, further streamlining the remediation process.

Integration customers will experience:
  • Identification of unauthorized changes through closed-loop change reconciliation
    • Changes occur continuously in most environments, and not all changes require a response. However, unauthorized changes may be an indication of suspicious or malicious activity. By reconciling detected changes with change requests in ChangeGear, customers can focus on only those changes that were unplanned or unauthorized.

Address detected unauthorized changes with documented Incident and Problem Management that is a seamless extension of the Change process while staying on the ChangeGear platform. From planning, to release, to monitoring and reconciliation, ChangeGear makes it possible to deliver end-to-end Change, Incident and Problem management all within a single platform.

  • Improved reliability and uptime by reducing unplanned change
    • Whether malicious or not, unplanned changes drive both operational and security incidents that can cause undesired downtime. By creating a close-loop change process accounting for both change authorization and detection, the combination of Tripwire Enterprise and ChangeGear can help identify and reduce unplanned change, resulting in increased reliability and uptime.
  • Improved compliance through more effective remediation
    • Continuous compliance is a hallmark of Tripwire Enterprise, but assessment is only half of the equation—to address compliance findings organizations need an efficient process for remediation. When Tripwire Enterprise discovers assets that exceed a non-compliance threshold, it can create an incident in ChangeGear. ChangeGear then provides the incident response workflows required for organizations to quickly respond. From finding to remediation, workflow is now automated.

Customers who deploy the Tripwire Enterprise and ChangeGear integration experience immediate improvements in the efficiency of change management and compliance, and long-lasting improvements in reliability and uptime through the reduction of unplanned and unauthorized change.

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