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Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial

Managed Services for OT Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Management

Industrial automation and process control systems largely run our world. However, cyber risks to industrial networks, cyber physical systems (CPS) endpoints, and control systems are on the rise. And protecting highly specialized plant environments can be very challenging for industrial businesses and critical infrastructure providers.

Finding a powerful set of security solutions to keep your industrial control system (ICS) secure isn’t enough on its own. You also need talented cybersecurity professionals who can leverage those tools correctly and have the OT expertise needed to classify and prioritize security incidents.

Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial is a managed service that helps organizations address these challenges by providing trained experts to maximize the value of the industry’s best industrial asset and vulnerability visibility solution: Tripwire Industrial Visibility. With Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial, you never have to worry about recruiting, training and retaining staff to manage your Tripwire solution.


Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

The high demand for recruiting, training, and retaining competent cybersecurity personnel with deep OT expertise poses a serious challenge to most organizations—there simply aren’t enough experts to fill those roles. This talent shortage leaves organizations vulnerable to compromise because of improper or inadequate enforcement of OT security best practices.

In order to manage the shortage of cybersecurity talent on their teams, industrial organizations and agencies often leverage IT security professionals with limited (or no) OT cybersecurity background into cybersecurity positions that oversee both IT and OT networks.

Overcoming Operational Challenges

IT/OT convergence is driving the need for new security capabilities and integrations. The breadth of new OT security tools adds to already overburdened security teams’ task of managing their environment. They often have too many tools to manage and not enough bandwidth to get up to speed in time to meet their compliance needs. When staff transitions, a lack of proficiency with security tools can make for awkward and ineffective knowledge transfer challenges.

Combating Increased Vulnerability

The talent shortage is much more than an HR problem—it positions IT and OT professionals against cyber adversaries using sophisticated and ever-changing plans of attack. Failing to effectively leverage the full capabilities of security tools can lead to breaches going undetected for months, resulting in significant unplanned expenses, costly production downtime, product quality issues, and potential safety incidents.

Tripwire ExpertOps

Industrial Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial is a managed services version of the industry’s best industrial visibility solution. A subscription provides personalized consulting from trained experts and hands-on tool management to help you achieve and maintain operational continuity, security policy compliance, critical asset security, and vulnerability prioritization.

  • Ongoing operations: You’ll be matched with a designated Tripwire expert who serves as an extension of your team. The managed service engineer will work with you to provide personalized advice, incident assistance and audit support to maximize the value of Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial—as well as deliver regular alerts and reports in your inbox.
  • System transparency: How can your security team prioritize which system changes to address if they don’t have deep visibility, let alone a detailed understanding of which changes are relevant? Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial provides you with detailed, robust security and compliance.
  • CISO and Executive Review: A semiannual report to your key stakeholders includes deployment health statistics as well as an overview of achievement towards your objectives. This CISO and executive review provides insights into ongoing improvement and utility of your Tripwire environment.
  • Expert Recommendations: Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial provides day to day maintenance of the Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial console and sensors, ensuring both content and software is up to date. The managed services team will work with you to develop an operational use plan with best practice recommendations and establish an initial “baseline” report for your network, as well as offer assistance with alert configuration, system tuning, and prioritization of suggested remediation activities.



Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial addresses the talent shortage by equipping your teams with the expert support needed to maximize the full benefits of a best in class industrial visibility solution.

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