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Tripwire Industrial Edge

Delivering 100% Visibility into Industrial Networks in Minutes

However, gaining this caliber of visibility can be challenging for many reasons, including:

  • Standard IT solutions and scanning methods are typically incompatible with and unsafe for industrial networks » Traditional industrial asset inventory solutions often require hardware that can be costly, complex, and time consuming to deploy
  • Many industrial networks are geographically isolated and/or air gapped, making them difficult to access in order to install hardware
  • Traditional industrial asset inventory methods such as passive data collection and offline file parsing may not be compatible or otherwise suitable for all networks and use cases under all circumstances


The Solution

Tripwire® Industial Edge, powered by Claroty, is a highly flexible, Windows based edge data collector that delivers 100% visibility into industrial networks in just minutes without requiring network changes, utilizing sensors, or any physical footprint whatsoever.

This fast and easy solution can be deployed to run on premises or via SaaS to reveal in depth details on both managed and unmanaged industrial assets that could otherwise only be discovered—if at all—via methods that may not always be ideal or desirable for all networks and use cases under all circumstances.


Key Capabilities & Use Cases

OT/IoT/IT Asset Discovery
  • Gain full, near instantaneous visibility into all OT, IoT, and IT managed and unmanaged assets.
  • This visibility forms the strong foundation you need for effective industrial cybersecurity and the ability to support a broad range of related use cases.
Risk & Vulnerability Management
  • Easily identify and manage the risks and vulnerabilities—such as missing critical patches, end of life indicators, and CVEs—affecting your managed and unmanaged assets.
  • These capabilities empower you to better protect your industrial network by reducing its exposure to risk.
Audit & Compliance

Easily, quickly, and effectively support audit requests and report compliance for your industrial network, resulting in greater confidence in your reporting, a reduced risk of failed audits, and stronger compliance and overall security posture

M&A Due Diligence

Conduct M&A due diligence on a target company’s industrial networks more easily, quickly, and effectively, leading to a rapid fulfillment of M&A requirements and clear insight into operational risk posture—all while adhering to LOI specifications. 

Incident Response

Immediately arm responders with a full inventory and risk and vulnerability assessment of the compromised environment, thereby optimizing incident response efforts including impact assessments, scoping, and forensics for industrial networks.

Sample Deployment Architectures