Tripwire IP360 Executive Brief

Advanced Asset Discovery and Risk Prioritization

Understanding security risk on the global enterprise network is essential to comprehensive IT vulnerability management (VM). But there are several hurdles your VM program must overcome, like the high rate of change on enterprise networks, the constantly changing threat environment and increased focus on internal and regulatory compliance.

The solution is Tripwire® IP360™, the leading vulnerability and security risk management system that enables organizations to cost-effectively measure and manage their network security risk. If you need an accurate inventory of your assets and granular risk scoring, Tripwire IP360 is for you.


Current, Accurate, and Non-Intrusive Signatures

The industry leading Tripwire Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT) keeps Tripwire IP360 up to date with accurate, comprehensive, non-intrusive discovery signatures that are both current and relevant to large networks. Tripwire IP360 minimizes total cost of ownership and maximizes ROI with the industry’s lowest false positive rate.


Risk-Based Prioritization Based on Business Context

Tripwire IP360 uses advanced analytics and a unique quantitative scoring algorithm based on several factors— including the ease and impact of exploit—to prioritize the vulnerabilities for remediation. The result is actionable data that enables IT security teams to focus on the tasks that will quickly and effectively reduce overall network risk with the fewest possible resources

Impact of Exploit
Fig. 1 Tripwire IP360’s advanced vulnerability scoring pinpoints the greatest risks on your network based in the likelihood and potential impact of an attack


Asset Discovery: On-Prem and in the Cloud

Tripwire IP360 discovers all networked hosts, applications, services and vulnerabilities. This provides a comprehensive view of your network and sets the foundation for effective risk management and compliance processes. Assess broad ranges of your network efficiently with dynamically scalable vulnerability scans.

For dynamic IP endpoints and occasionally connected devices, agent based vulnerability management can provide a more accurate assessment of your assets.

For cloud assets, Tripwire IP360 is available in the AWS and Azure marketplaces for pre-authorized scanning. And for organizations that have adopted DevOps, Tripwire IP360 can discover and assess stopped and running containers. 


Dynamic Query and Real-Time Analysis

Focus, a feature of Tripwire IP360, is a real-time data synthesis and active analysis tool that enables security professionals to immediately assess network risk and focus on the actions that will deliver the greatest reduction in risk. Questions that previously required cumbersome reports or manual effort are now answered in seconds with Focus.


Audience-Specific Risk Reporting

Tripwire IP360 seamlessly integrates with Tripwire Security Intelligence Hub to provide flexible reporting designed for all enterprise audiences. Tripwire SIH leverages the rich host data gathered by Tripwire IP360 to provide global visibility into the enterprise network, allowing organizations to promote accountability, measure progress over time, and improve operational efficiency.

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