Tripwire IP360 and FireMon

Figuring out what to fix first when vulnerabilities arise is crucial to minimizing security and compliance risks, especially in large networks. Tripwire and FireMon have made this never-ending task easier and more automatic by integrating Tripwire® IP360™ and FireMon Security Manager with Risk Analyzer. Businesses now know how easily vulnerabilities can be accessed by attackers, enabling remediation efforts to be prioritized faster and more reliably.

FireMon’s Risk Analyzer obtains vulnerability scan results from Tripwire IP360 and correlates them with network topology and security configuration data from FireMon’s Security Manager. Risk Analyzer uses the combined information to determine whether vulnerabilities can actually be reached by attackers or are mitigated by other network defenses. These real-time insights enable you to focus valuable IT resources on fixing those systems that are at the greatest risk—first. The effectiveness of these remediation efforts can then be checked by performing simulated attacks using FireMon Security Manager’s interactive network maps.


The Bottom Line

This joint solution provides an automated, real-time view of the security posture of your networks. It enables your IT organization to reduce the most risk in the shortest time, and provides an immediate way to verify the impact of your remediation actions. The result is a risk-centric approach to operations that reliably delivers better security and compliance with less effort and expense.


Real-time, Risk-centric Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation with Tripwire and FireMon

The integration of FireMon Security Manager’s Risk Analyzer with Tripwire IP360:
  • Graphically show which vulnerable systems are most accessible to attackers—Highlight on a network map which systems are at the most risk by combining state-of-the-art vulnerability intelligence with real time knowledge of the surrounding network topology.
  • Prioritize remediation efforts to get the most improvement for the least effort—Identify which systems to patch first to reduce the most risk.
  • Easily simulate attacks on vulnerable and remediated systems—Evaluate the outcome of patching efforts.
  • Manage vulnerabilities by enabling a risk-centric approach—View a network’s security posture in real time and focus your operations on those systems that can benefit the most from improvements in security.
  • Work globally across the largest networks—Enable rapid deployment and seamless use in networks of any size by pairing the accuracy and scalability of Tripwire IP360 and FireMon Security Manager.