Tripwire IP360 and Kenna

Transform Your Security Management Program 

The integration of Kenna with Tripwire® IP360™ enables enterprises to identify vulnerabilities across every layer of the technology stack, manage the remediation of these vulnerabilities and then gauge the overall vulnerability management performance. Kenna supports the Tripwire IP360 vulnerability management solution right out of the box, making it easy to connect vulnerability and asset information with real time threats for better prioritization, and dramatically shrink the time from detection to close. A simple out of the box connector enables you to pull in the latest vulnerability scan data directly from Tripwire IP360 and aggregate, correlate and risk rank them across the entire set of security vulnerabilities


Focus on Where Breaches are The Most Likely to Occur

Sync your vulnerability scan data from Tripwire IP360, and Kenna will continuously contextualize it against active threats from its threat processing engine—including attacks in the wild, active Internet breaches and zero day vulnerabilities—so you know the threats putting you most at risk. Receive early warnings of exploited vulnerabilities the moment something changes, empowering you to make the right decision within seconds.

Resolve Security Issues Faster 

Organizations have invested heavily into existing security products and infrastructure. Kenna helps you connect the dots between vulnerability data from Tripwire IP360 and other security tools, enabling you to more effectively identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and defects. Receive real-time scoring on how vulnerable your organizational assets are to real world attacks and exploits, and see which threats in your data will be the most critical now and over time. Spend less time and resources on vulnerability management, all while keeping your systems and applications more secure.

Remediate with confidence Managing the entire lifecycle of security bugs from detection to close can require juggling multiple tools. Even then, it’s impossible to be sure if you are mitigating the threats that pose the biggest risk to the network. Kenna matches available patches with vulnerabilities in your environment then prioritizes the remediations that will make the biggest impact. Find out what to fix first (and why), and prove your actions with data. The integration with Tripwire IP360 closes the loop when tickets have been remediated with verification scans to confirm that proper remediation steps have been taken. Security teams are then able to prioritize the vulnerabilities that provide the greatest reduction in risk, not just internal weaknesses.

Measure Your Risk 

Use Kenna to see your exposure to threats at a glance and report and track your risk trends over time. The highs and lows in the dashboard reports can be used to track the progress of your remediation—and identify areas of improvement. And rather than basing your exposure on vulnerability counts, visualize your trending risk in real-time. When everyone in your company has access to the same view of your organization’s risk—from the Remediation Team to the Board Room— communicating and understanding your risk posture is simple.

Automate Your Analysis 

The power of Kenna is the automated correlation of vulnerability scan data, real-time threat intelligence and zero day data into one easy to understand dashboard display. With Kenna’s sophisticated analysis, manual processes are made automatic with no need to add headcount. With less time spent parsing scan results, integrating with threat intelligence and creating reports, efficiency and productivity increases tenfold.


Receive A Complete Risk 

Kenna processes organizational vulnerability data against data from publicly available vulnerability repositories, threat data feeds and zero day data, which allows security teams to gain visibility into which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk of a breach in their organization.


How It Work 

The integration allows you to connect a Tripwire IP360 instance into Kenna for advanced vulnerability management. Once connected, each time a security scan is administered in Tripwire IP360 the scan data appears in Kenna, where it is correlated with other assessment information and automatically prioritized and indexed. Kenna then combines this information with other data sources and uses predictive analytics to alert any high-priority issues. Kenna provides one-click integration with issue tracking and ticketing solutions, and then confirms those fixes via automated testing with its bi-directional integration. Built-in metrics, reporting and benchmarks enable you to view data in any way you see fit through the use of tagging, custom fields and metadata.


About Kenna

 Kenna is a software-as-a-service Vulnerability and Risk Intelligence platform that accurately measures risk and prioritizes remediation efforts before an attacker can exploit an organization’s weaknesses. Kenna automates the correlation of vulnerability data, threat data and zero-day data, analyzing security vulnerabilities against active Internet breaches so that InfoSec teams can prioritize remediations and report on their overall risk posture. For more information, visit here.