Tripwire Virtual & Cloud Appliances

 VnE Manager & Device Profiler

Vulnerability Management For The Cloud 

Tripwire® IP360™, our proactive vulnerability management solution, helps your IT security organization protect data and systems in corporate and cloud networks from vulnerabilities exploited by cyberthreats. Our solution provides comprehensive endpoint and network intelligence, and then applies advanced analytics to prioritize vulnerabilities. It flags the greatest risks so your security teams can make quick, quality decisions within a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Global Scalability

Quickly deploy new scanning and management appliances without the hassle of shipping and installation in a datacenter, add more resources to existing virtual appliances as your deployment expands, and expand global coverage as your network grows and changes. Tripwire IP360’s distributed architecture speeds scanning, enabling one or more scanning appliances to be used to scan different networks and provide information back to a centralized management console.

Protection For Private and Public Clouds

Reduce vulnerability risks in public and private cloud environments with deployment ready virtual appliances for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware ESXi, for flexible and scalable vulnerability management across the entire enterprise. Virtual appliances are also available for VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, and VMware Fusion hypervisors.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Now you can deploy an enterprise class vulnerability management solution on a single virtual appliance. Each management console includes a built-in, fully-integrated scanning appliance. Embedded scanning appliances reduce the required minimum deployment footprint, dramatically decrease support and maintenance costs, and simplify management. Tripwire’s physical and virtual appliances allow you to leverage public and private infrastructure for all or part of your vulnerability management solution. Multiple purchasing options available, including perpetual and subscription based licensing, allowing you to cover any size network efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Tripwire Virtual Appliances

Management Console

The centralized management console for Tripwire IP360 (VnE Manager) uses a locked down Linux based operating system, strong encryption for communications, and frequent system, security and vulnerability signature updates provided by Tripwire’s security research team (Tripwire VERT). The management console can use either the built-in scanning appliance or leverage multiple scanning appliances to assess networks of any size and topology.

Scanning Appliances

The scanning appliances for Tripwire IP360 (Device Profilers) are vulnerability scanners that can discover and assess every IP address on a global network for over 100,000 security conditions. These appliances are optimized for asset discovery and vulnerability assessment in the same infrastructure, reducing total cost of ownership.

Tripwire virtual appliances support the following hypervisors:
  • VMware ESXi
  • Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Machine Image/ Amazon EC2
  • VirtualBox
  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Fusion