2024 Pen Testing Report

Each year, Fortra's Core Security conducts a global survey of cybersecurity professionals across various industries on their penetration testing practices to better understand the different approaches to, common challenges with, and overall development of offensive security.

The 2024 Penetration Testing Report is an analysis of the results of this survey, with the aim of providing increased visibility into the current state of offensive security. It also demonstrates the value of collaboration and knowledge exchange, as this collection of shared experiences enables members of the cybersecurity community to better identify best practices, avoid common mistakes, and refine their tactics.

With 72% of respondents reporting that penetration testing has prevented a breach at their organization, the value of penetration testing is well established.


Though continuing financial challenges remain an obstacle, 83% of respondents still prioritize running at least one-two pen tests a year in order to prioritize risks, close security gaps, and stay compliant with important security regulations.

Within the report, you'll find additional insights from cybersecurity professionals across all industries on their experiences with pen testing, including:

  • Reasons for pen testing
  • The impact of compliance initiatives
  • Usage of in-house teams and third-party services
  • Frequency of pen testing
  • Evaluation criteria for pen testing tools
  • Relationship to red teaming
  • Commonly tested infrastructures and environments

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