Actionable Threat Intelligence: Automated IoC Matching with Tripwire


A key security challenge is finding and rooting out malware that has already become embedded on key assets. Organizations today have myriad threat intelligence sources to leverage. However, simply getting the intelligence into your organization is not enough.

Unless you have a way to operationalize myriad threat intelligence sources to make it actionable and useful, threat intelligence just generates mountains data but offers little ability to figure out what is actually important.

Threat intelligence programs need to connect their inbound sources directly to the monitoring systems that are already in place. Tripwire has made this connection a reality, helping to address the key question when a new indicator of compromise (IoC) comes in, “Do I have any of that on my network?”

This white paper addresses how to operationalize automated IoCs from threat intelligence workflows for use in finding malicious embedded binaries, and adapting one’s security posture for future prevention.