Building a Foundation for Zero Trust

Ensure Your Agency Gets it Right the First Time


As highlighted in the Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Executive Order (EO), Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) stands to be the de facto security approach of the federal government. But agencies that implement a zero trust architecture without first establishing a foundation of integrity across all critical systems will not achieve true zero trust. Why? All zero trust architectures must be built from a trusted state as it applies to both an agency’s systems and information.

How do we successfully achieve a baseline of integrity from which we then build, monitor, and maintain a zero-trust architecture? Download your copy of the latest Tripwire whitepaper that addresses what security leaders must consider before moving forward on any zero trust strategy.

  • Planning for zero trust: where to start
  • Integrity at the basis for trust, how to determine a “good” state
  • Ensuring ongoing trustworthiness
  • Zero trust over time