File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Toolkit

FIM Resources for Advanced Cyber Integrity


File integrity monitoring (FIM) is used to detect and correct unauthorized system changes that may be indicators of compromise. As the inventors of FIM, Fortra’s Tripwire has a multi-decade track record of helping organizations that want to reduce cyber risk and achieve system integrity to avoid security breaches and audit fines.

This toolkit is a collection of helpful resources such as articles, guides, and a case study to help you increase your knowledge of FIM with:

  • Clear, detailed explanations of how it works
  • The essential attributes of effective FIM in action
  • Common myths and misconceptions to overcome
  • A real-world example of powerful integrity monitoring

Having a rich understanding of security controls like FIM puts you on the path to enhanced security and compliance and sets you up for long-term success. Simply fill out the form for access to your FIM toolkit.