Tripwire Eases Government Resource Constraints with New FedRAMP-Certified Managed Services Solution

Posted on August 3, 2020 | Compliance , Managed Security Services

Tripwire ExpertOps Federal reduces both the workload and complexity of managing an agency’s critical security controls.

PORTLAND, Ore. – August 3, 2020 – Tripwire, Inc., a global cybersecurity solutions provider protecting the world’s leading organizations, today announced the launch of Tripwire® ExpertOps℠ Federal a FedRAMP-certified managed services solution that augments the resources needed to maintain cybersecurity and compliance risk at an agency’s desired levels.

One in three cybersecurity positions (more than 33,000) across the public sector remain unfilled, according to the 2020 Cyberspace Solarium Commission report. In order to manage the shortage of cybersecurity talent, agencies often leverage IT professionals with no cybersecurity background into these positions. When required to defend against cyber adversaries using sophisticated and ever-changing plans of attack, breaches can go undetected for months, costing federal departments and agencies untold resources in short periods of time.

Tripwire ExpertOps Federal helps agency customers focus more on detecting breaches and maintaining compliance by deploying, managing, and ensuring optimal operation of their security and compliance solutions. By providing cloud-based file integrity monitoring (FIM) and security configuration management (SCM) with personalized consulting and managed services, Tripwire ExpertOps Federal reduces both the workload and complexity of managing critical security controls.

“Federal security teams shouldn’t overburden themselves by trying to do everything on their own,” says Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy. “They can partner with trusted vendors for managed services or subscribe to service plans where outside experts can act as an extension of the team.”

Tripwire ExpertOps Federal provides customers with guidelines and status reports for security, compliance, and configuration hardening. The Tripwire ExpertOps Federal team also provides insights when security incidents occur and offers recommendations on how to defend against them. In addition, the solution provides executive-level reports that indicate an organization’s status in meeting their security goals and objectives, along with insight into areas of improvement.

Tripwire ExpertOps Federal is hosted in a FedRAMP-certified cloud computing platform provided by Tripwire partner, DataBank.

“The Databank partnership enables Tripwire customers to quickly and easily expand into a federally-authorized facility and IaaS/PaaS platform,” says Mark A. Houpt, chief information security officer at Databank. “FedRAMP’s comprehensive set of security controls, coupled with DataBank’s platform and continuous monitoring efforts, will ensure each organization’s compliance and security during their tenure as a Tripwire customer.”

Tripwire ExpertOps Federal is available now. For more information:

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