How to Balance NERC CIPv6 vs. CIPv5 Compliance (and Why it Matters)


The extension of the NERC CIPv5 deadline to July 2016 means that registered entities have gained a small window of time for their compliance projects, but they now face a combined compliance deadline for CIPv5 and CIPv6 in July.

Join Nick Santora, CEO of Curricula, and Tim Erlin, Director of IT Risk & Security Strategist at Tripwire, for a discussion on the potential impact of CIPv6 on your organization and how to balance these requirements with your CIPv5 compliance efforts. Nick brings his seven years of experience working with NERC, on over 100 NERC CIP compliance programs, to analyze CIPv6 and the extended CIPv5 deadline.

Attendees will learn:

  • What the CIPv6 changes mean for your organization.
  • How CIPv6 impacts your personnel
  • 3 critical steps you should take before the July deadline.