How to Protect Against the Ransomware Epidemic


Ransomware has developed from a niche attack to a booming criminal market over the last year because the simple, turn-key business model behind ransomware infections doesn’t require any real technical skill to execute. As a result ransomware will continue to evolve and will continue to escalate for the foreseeable future.

The good news is that there are simple steps you can take today using security tools you already have that will help ensure your organization doesn’t fall victim to one of these attacks.

Join Steve Sletten, senior field systems engineer for Tripwire, for a short, information packed webinar that will focus on how to leverage basic security controls to protect and detect ransomware attacks before significant damage is done. Steve will cover:

  • The evolutions of ransomware and how the most common vectors for the “ransomware on steroids” now attacking organizations.
  • How to layer three basic security controls to make your organization harder to target, regardless of the infection vector.
  • The top three ransomware mistakes most organizations make and what to do about them.

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