Industrial Cybersecurity - What You Don't Know Might Hurt You


Getting a clear assessment of your assets is the first step toward developing a mature OT network or control system. A well maintained asset inventory allows your organization to quickly manage risk affecting your operations availability, reliability and safety.

Industrial environments often need to map assets to NIST, ITIL, ISO, COBIT or process automation standards like ANSI/ISA99-IEC-62443. You can achieve significant efficiency improvement and save time within industrial environments by automating asset management instead of following manual spreadsheet processes.

Cybersecurity experts David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer at Tripwire, Tony Gore, CEO at Red Trident Inc., and John Powell, Senior Critical Infrastructure Engineer at Red Trident Inc., will discuss the practical 1-2-3 basics of industrial cybersecurity and how to get started automating asset management. Attendees will also learn how to build an effective strategy for protecting industrial assets - networks, endpoints and controllers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to automate and simplify the inventory process and secure your assets
  • Understand what cybersecurity standards may apply to your unique environment
  • Hear real-world tips on how to prioritize and work across functional silos within your company
  • Receive an industrial cybersecurity assessment checklist to help gauge your starting point