Tripwire Cybersecurity Services

Tripwire is commitment to helping you stay cyber-secure doesn’t end with our software.

You don’t have to navigate the threat landscape alone. Put your cybersecurity program in trusted hands and partner with us to extend your team with a range of strategic services.

Know Your Network


Identify exploitable breaches and fix them before hackers do.


Secure Industrial Environments

Validate there are no security gaps in your ICS environment.

Smart Device Development

Security assessments ensure the secure development of your devices.

Advanced Device Security

Secure medical and other IoT devices against malicious attacks.

Whether it’s an application or network environment, Tripwire’s penetration testing services identify vulnerabilities and demonstrate them through exploitation—definitively determining if unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. This robust service combines penetration testing techniques with vulnerability assessment activities, configuration reviews, and architecture analysis to provide a more in-depth view of network and application interrelationships than other pen testing providers.

Tripwire’s industrial cybersecurity assessments allow manufacturers to keep their operations running within specified parameters and maximize their profitability while maintaining high quality and safety standards. Tripwire is the leading provider of SCADA security solutions and other cybersecurity services for the utility industry—including assistance with NERC CIP compliance. We’ve worked extensively within the oil and gas, power and utilities, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

The security controls of connected devices must be designed, maintained, and updated to address vulnerabilities and to fit within the security architecture of the larger systems in which they function. Tripwire’s device testing approach includes identifying security risks in the physical construction of device construction and network interfaces. Our goal is to identify potential control exposures through security configuration analysis and vulnerability testing of the platform and the operating environment.

Equipment for diagnostics, surgeries, imaging, and more should never be left as an open door to hackers. There is a growing need for effective cybersecurity to assure the functionality and safety of medical devices. Tripwire supports medical device companies and other healthcare organizations with embedded software devices by providing rigorous security assessments.

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