Cybersecurity Managed Services

Tripwire's Managed Service Offerings

If your only interactions with Tripwire Customer Services have revolved around service requests when problems occur, you have missed out on key capabilities that could play a role in contributing to your company’s success.

There are multiple reasons to support and complement your highly trained but busy staff: Our dedicated product operations engineers are experts in Tripwire technology, utilize proven methodologies and best practices as well as advanced support diagnostic tools. Tripwire Managed Services drives value across the entire Tripwire technology solution and lifecycle.

Let Tripwire-certified experts implement, configure and customize the implementation of your Tripwire solution. Then let us manage the day-to-day operations and administration. Your Tripwire solution is installed locally on-site—you just tell us what you want and we’ll give you the service, data and reports via remote access—to ensure that your Tripwire solution meets your unique needs.

Key Features

  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Proactive guidance and preventative services delivered
  • Patch, configuration and performance advice
  • Advanced diagnostic tools built on a knowledge base of customer projects

Key Benefits

  • Faster problem resolution
  • Reduce operational costs and risk
  • Quick return on investment
  • High availability and performance of your mission critical environment

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Tripwire Managed Services operates globally as a part of Tripwire Customer Services and partners closely with Tripwire Development to deliver a broad range of services to help our customers maximize solution availability, performance and value.

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