Tripwire Instructor-Led Training

Customer Education and Certification

Get certified and develop your skills while learning from the experts. Tripwire customers can register now for instructor-led training, with flexible options created to suit your schedule.

Tripwire® Enterprise™

This class is the primary training for Tripwire Enterprise operators, security, change management, and compliance teams.

Tripwire IP360™

This course is for primary administrators of Tripwire IP360, and offers practical guidance for advanced vulnerability management and risk scoring. 

Tripwire LogCenter®

This course is for those who will be the primary operators of Tripwire LogCenter and forms the foundational knowledge of Tripwire log management. 

Add-Ons for Tripwire Enterprise

This training is suitable for those who will be the primary administrators of Tripwire Enterprise. Courses include: Tripwire Enterprise Commander and State Analyzer.


Expert Instructors


Become a pro Tripwire administrator by learning from our experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Training includes certification that you can use to prove your proficiency with advanced security configuration management (SCM), file integrity monitoring (FIM), and other key cybersecurity controls.

Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Training

Customize your learning experience by choosing from public courses with other industry professionals outside your organization, or have Tripwire create a private training program for your team only. Attend courses virtually or in person, or take a hybrid approach. Start building critical cybersecurity skills and safeguarding your data today.

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Make sure you receive the hands-on education your team needs in order to execute your cybersecurity goals. A variety of classes are always available, and new courses are added regularly. Sign up below to get started, and see what classes are available here.

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