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Implementing FISMA SI-7: Tackle this Challenging Control to Improve Your FISMA Grade

Implementing FISMA SI-7 Solution Brief ScreenshotTo enhance your FISMA compliance grade, you must implement one of the most challenging controls in NIST SP800-53: SI-7, which requires organizations to employ automated and centrally-managed integrity verification tools to detect unauthorized change. This level of visibility can be difficult enough to achieve, but SI-7 also requires organizations to incorporate the unauthorized changes they find into their incident response process and be ready to pass an audit trial demonstrating these capabilities.

Tripwire® Enterprise delivers the capabilities necessary to address this requirement by providing a deep understanding of all the changes occurring in your environment and, when desired, provides seamless integration into ITSM solutions to create a workflow for the smooth exchange of system change and security configuration state information with a wide variety of compliance, operations and reporting/analytics solutions.

Download this solution brief to learn how to tackle this difficult requirement with Tripwire solutions.

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