NERC CIP Compliance with Tripwire and SigmaFlow

NERC CIP Compliance with Tripwire and SigmaFlowThe NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards are designed to enhance the reliability of the electrical supply by securing the connected assets on which that supply relies. When building a program for NERC CIP compliance, registered entities must balance the need to be audit-ready with the resources required to achieve and maintain compliance. NERC CIP compliance, especially when approached using manual methods, is complex, time-consuming and prone to human error. Further, NERC CIP requirements often infer security skillsets beyond those of many workers in the power and electric utility sector.

While many tools can help, Tripwire and SigmaFlow offer a unique combination of capabilities that automate difficult parts of the NERC CIP standards. SigmaFlow is a leading provider of business execution platforms for oil, gas, and electric utilities. SigmaFlow and NERC CIP Compliance SigmaFlow Compliance Manager (CM) is a real-time, evidentiary NERC compliance management software solution solving the challenges of CIP unmet by traditional GRC approaches.

Download this datasheet to learn:

  • How Tripwire and SigmaFlow deliver combined benefits to utility customers who must comply with NERC CIP standards
  • Which specific NERC CIP compliance standards and requirements are covered by this integration
  • How the Tripwire NERC CIP Solution Suite dramatically reduces the time and effort for power and utility companies to pass their audits
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