Save Months of Labor by Automating for NERC CIP-007-5-R1 – With Great River Energy

The complexities of NERC CIP-007-5 Requirement 1 (R1) make this one of the most violated requirements in all the NERC standards. NERC CIP-007-5 is the standard focused on Systems Security Management. R1 is intended to minimize the attack surface of critical systems by disabling or limiting access to unnecessary network accessible logical ports and services. For most electric utilities, meeting the mandatory controls of this requirement is an incredibly tedious and labor-intensive effort.

Tripwire has a unique whitelisting profiler extension that can automate monitoring ports, services, user accounts, software, and other requirements within NERC CIP-007-05-R1. Join Robert Held, Senior Systems Engineer, as he live-demos how customer sites are saving man-years of effort in preparing and automating for their audits. Also joining to share their customer experience will be Marc Child, CISSP , Information Security Program Manager at Great River Energy.

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