Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap With Tripwire

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Organizations are having difficulty finding and retaining experienced IT security professionals. Use Tripwire to leverage your existing resources and multiply their effectiveness.

Increase Efficiency

Use Tripwire products to automate security and compliance tasks to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Share Information

Collect security data with Tripwire and share the results using open integrations with Tripwire Technology Alliance Partners.

Utilize Experts

Extend your staff with consulting and managed services from the company that knows Tripwire best – Tripwire.

Get More Done

Get the maximum value from your Tripwire systems by ensuring all capabilities are being fully utilized.

Improve Efficiency Through Automation

Automation of periodic security and compliance tasks is a requirement to ensure consistent protection from cyberattacks and avoiding configuration drift. It is also a great way to increase operational productivity and allow your staff to focus on what matters most.

Tripwire’s solutions provide automated controls of complex tasks such as file integrity monitoring, change reconciliation, system compliance, asset discovery, vulnerability detection and log collection.

Share Information Through Integration

Organizations often have multiple silos of information, each serving a single application. This multiplies the need for staff specialized in each tool’s operation, and keeps the organization from seeing the whole picture.

Tripwire efficiently collects detailed security data that is available from no other source. For example, Tripwire’s Axon agent collects real-time change data with who, what and when the change was made. It also can collect detailed configuration and system state information. This data can then be used by other security and compliance tools including SIEMs, CMDBs, change ticketing systems, etc. via open interfaces or integrations with over 75 Tripwire Technology Alliance Partners.

Add Expert Resources Through Outsourcing

The ultimate manpower multiplier is to off-load selected tasks to outside organizations. This can reduce in-house staffing requirements as well as add a level of expertise not available internally.

Tripwire’s professional services staff can support you at whatever level of involvement you require. Comprehensive training, system health checks, and deployment assistance is available for all Tripwire products. Tripwire ExpertOps is the ultimate integrity monitoring service. Tripwire will administer and run your Tripwire Enterprise system utilizing a cloud-based infrastructure so you can focus your resources on managing the results.

Get Tripwire ExpertOps and Detect Incidents Without Adding Staff Today

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