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"The transition is disruptive. That’s a fact that simply cannot be understated. It’s important to measure short-term wins so that your organization can continue to feel progress as you are headed for greater success."



Operations have become increasingly important as the software world shifts to a more service-oriented approach. Implementing a DevOps model is an essential move for most software companies to maintain success. The recent adoption of DevOps has been rapid and widespread while security best practices have been slow to keep pace. It is clear that the transformation has helped organizations improve their velocity and improve their products as they grow.

As cybersecurity risks continue to mount, security best practices must be included in every team's workflow. By understanding and facilitating the cultural shift that DevOps requires, you can help your team work faster and more securely, with sustainable results. Download the book above to learn everything you need to know to start running DevOps securely at scale.