Complete Incident Detection and Analysis in Cybersecurity with Tripwire


Don’t get lost in the noise. Real-time change intelligence can be your first indicator for detecting an incident and assessing its scope.

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Detect

Shorten the time it takes to catch and limit damage from threats, anomalies, and suspicious changes.

Know Your Baseline

Use change data to quickly detect system deviating from a trusted and operational state. 

Work Together

Close the gap with change results that both IT and Security teams can use.

Share Information

Pass data between security tools to correlate risks and investigate threats with fewer resources.

The Average Attack Timeline

On average it takes 170 days to detect an incident, 39 days to contain it, and 43 days to remediate it according to a recent industry report. Respondents say their organizations are poor at prioritizing alerts and minimizing false positives. Only 39 percent rate their ability to detect an incident as highly effective. Only 30 percent believe they can prevent a cyberattack.

Much of this is due to the failures of today’s security technologies to stop attacks. Once attacked, the tools don’t deliver the correlated data to help contain and remediate the breach. IT and Security teams must review their approaches. To help detect attacks earlier, a renewed focus on properly implementing foundational controls, including FIM, SCM, and Change Audit, is recommended. Systems inevitably change as enterprises constantly revise their people, processes and technologies. Tripwire can deliver granular drill-down, side-by-side comparisons with historic baselines to quickly provide investigative teams what they need to know: what changed, when, by whom and how often, with “how” information.

Do you have a Cybersecurity Expert?

One of the contributing factors to rising costs of cyber breaches is the ongoing skills gap. The ISACA, a non-profit information security advocacy group, predicts there will be a global shortage of two million cybersecurity professionals. If security practitioners don’t fully understand the nature of their business, they will fail to see how each asset is relevant to the  support of an organization’s mission.

The key to doing more with less is automation. There’s not enough time in the day to investigate every system change, which means you need laser-sharp focus to find the greatest risks to your business. Tripwire leverages the risk intelligence collected through an endpoint assessment process to correlate, prioritize and filter system configuration changes and risk. It can provide automatic adjustment of monitoring and policy application within the ranges you specify. You can automate workflows through integrations with SIEMs, IT-GRC and change management systems.

“The evidence shows it [automation] is worth the effort,” reports the IT Policy Compliance Group. Factoring in the cost of audits, downtime and exposure to data loss against customer retention and revenue, the researcher demonstrates that those organizations that more fully embrace automation enjoy profits of 6.4%. Organizations with low automation levels experience losses of 6.9 percent.

Real-Time Detection with Foundational Controls

Tripwire provides a robust file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution that is able to monitor detailed system integrity: files, directories, registries, configuration parameters, DLLs, ports, services, protocols, etc. Changes to systems can be automatically compared against known indicators of compromise. Suspicious files can be automatically uploaded and “detonated” in a sandbox (with partners Check Point, Cisco, Lastline and Palo Alto Networks) to identify previously unknown malware. The state of any system can be compared to that of another system to clearly identify differences in order to quickly isolate a compromise. Advanced search functions can help determine the scope of a breach and identify all endpoints impacted.

No longer will you wonder if you’re missing the bigger picture. Tripwire is your source for technologies to help detect and investigate.

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