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Cybersecurity Challenges in Discrete Manufacturing

Use Cases and Solutions from the Factory Floor


Belden Discrete Manufacturing screenshotThe discrete manufacturing industry is reaping substantial benefits from the connectivity provided by the industrial internet of things (IIoT), but that same connectivity is also a doorway for several types of new potential threats against previously-isolated control networks. Cyberattacks, human error, and other types of industrial cybersecurity incidents create vulnerabilities for discrete manufacturing facilities.

This white paper produced in collaboration with Belden is intended to educate the reader as to the true extent and diversity of cybersecurity threats that are being experienced in today’s discrete manufacturing environment, as well as introduce the possibilities that exist to limit exposure. Download this white paper to learn:

  • Common cyber incident scenarios and what they look like to discrete manufacturers
  • The 3 steps to take to achieve comprehensive industrial cybersecurity
  • Which fundamental protective controls to implement in your industrial environment
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