Industrial Cybersecurity is Essential

Lessons learned from critical infrastructure attacks to ensure uptime, safety, and resilience


ICS is essentialDon’t believe there are real cyberthreats to your operations network and control systems? Many ICS professionals continue to feel that the actual threat to plant operations and process controls is light. This is understandable at first glance, given their highly purpose-built industrial equipment, specialized communications protocols, and safety instrumented systems. Unfortunately, that’s not what the data shows.

Better foundational industrial cybersecurity practices can help prevent disruption to your operations and financial risk to your bottom line. Get your copy of this white paper and level up your industrial control systems expertise today:

  • Learn why industrial control systems are about much more than hackers and attacks
  • Read a case study examining how a recent industrial incident was identified and resolved at a U.S. water utility
  • Understand how Tripwire products can monitor logs, correlate events, integrate with identity management systems, and more
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