Industrial Cybersecurity

Secure Industrial Environments and Bridge the IT/OT Gap

Advanced cybersecurity solutions, services, and devices for modern OT environments.


Discover and profile all assets on your network and get immediate security alerts.


Monitor your network and systems for potential problems.


Avoid plant disruptions by hardening systems and detecting misconfigured devices.


Professional services conduct vulnerability assessments to gauge your ICS cybersecurity.

Tripwire Industrial Solutions

Superior visibility and asset detection with industrial protocol compatibility

Security control enforcement to harden against anomalous behavior

Automated compliance with standards such as NERC CIP and IEC 62443

Non-disruptive monitoring provides actionable alerts in real time

We Know Industrial Cybersecurity

Fortra provides a variety of cybersecurity solutions, services, and devices for industrial environments. In particular, Fortra's Tripwire has been helping organizations realize the following benefits by securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for decades.

Mitigate Risks

Built-in templates and guidance show non-cybersecurity experts how to prioritize what’s most critical to close open doors for attackers.

Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire Enterprise lays the foundation for superior cybersecurity by pairing the industry's most respected integrity monitoring with security configuration management (SCM). Protect your industrial controls systems (ICS) from cyber events that threaten safety, productivity, and quality.

Real-time change detection

Automated compliance

IT/OT integration

Tripwire State Analyzer

Tripwire State Analyzer ensures the compliance and security of your network by monitoring the system against lists of what’s allowed to run. Aside from securing your network, the Tripwire State Analyzer’s automated report generation will save you time on preparing for audits and money by reducing findings within those audits.

Defines records in centralized allowlist configuration files

Automates the validation of detected system configurations against your allowlist

Generates detailed system configuration reports

Tripwire ExpertOps

Tripwire ExpertOps is a managed cybersecurity service that equips you with the advice and support needed to protect your data from cyberattacks while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Industrial cybersecurity and compliance as a managed service

Customized service plan and progress reports

Supplements your team with a dedicated expert

Case Studies

Electric & Gas Utilities

Achieving North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) compliance isn’t easy, especially in complex OT environments containing industrial control systems. Critical infrastructure providers like this U.S. power utility know it takes the visibility provided by powerful FIM and SCM tools to get the job done right. Once Tripwire Enterprise connected to the network, it created a baseline of all their files—a record of the system in a secure state from which any new changes can be analyzed for threats. It tracks services running, ports, users, and antivirus activity.

Electric & Gas Utilities

Following a challenging NERC CIP audit, this energy company determined it needed an automated, industry-standard solution to reduce compliance risk and manual efforts. They needed solutions that could accurately handle monthly configuration baselining of the assets for NERC CIP-010 R1 and R2, perform discovery for all unauthorized changes, and achieve 90%+ automation. In addition to the added automation capabilities, this company’s time is now better spent analyzing its data rather than manual efforts required by its previous solutions.

Guide to Navigating Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial orgs are facing the digital convergence of their IT and OT environments and need robust cybersecurity programs that cover both sides of the organization.

Download your free Ebook to learn about industrial control system (ICS) basics, the current threat landscape, compliance frameworks, and creating an action plan based on best practices.

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