Demo Video: Securing ICS with Tripwire and Belden

See Tripwire® Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center® in Action With Tofino Firewalls


Tripwire and Belden Industrial DemoTripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center work together with Tofino firewalls to keep your industrial control systems and PLCs secure and in compliance. Take a quick a tour of a standard industrial network configuration composed of these core components:

  • Programmable logic controller monitoring the levels in a field facility
  • Layer 2 Tofino deep packet inspection firewall
  • HMI (human-machine interface)
  • 19” Greyhound rack mounted Hirschmann switch
  • 2 DIN-mounted Hirschmann switches
  • DIN-mounted data diode
  • Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center
  • Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management and configuration tool

Watch a live demo of Tripwire Enterprise monitoring the ICS for ANSI/ISA-62443 compliance on each individual node, drilling down into noncompliant nodes for fast and simple issue resolution. You’ll also see a PLC attack unfolding step-by-step against the Tofino firewall with Tripwire Log Center providing high visibility to the events taking place in the environment.

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