Tripwire ICS Cyber Resiliency Suite

This new software suite helps address security in plants and industrial environments in ways that no one has done before.


Tripwire ICS Cyber Resiliency SuiteThe Tripwire cyber resiliency suite integrates with the plant network equipment and factory automation systems you already own. It will help you find, fix and monitor security to detect cyber incidents. The suite works in two distinct ways.

The Passive Approach

Syslog data collected from in-scope devices and applications funnels to a centralized log management tool. It can then be analyzed for potential threats. Think of this as a security data historian.

The Continuous Approach

Windows-based data collectors provide ongoing visibility into vulnerabilities and configuration changes that could open the door to cyber incidents. Think of this as security SCADA. These capabilities can be operated independently or in an integrated way to act as your HMI for security across your operations environment.

When it comes to ICS security, we recommend that you implement basic security as you build your plant network. Download the executive brief to learn more about how the Tripwire ICS Cyber Resiliency Suite can help you secure your network.

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