About the State of Security

What is the State of Security?

As part of Tripwire, we at The State of Security understand the important place that technology solutions hold in many organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. But we also realize that technology is just one piece of good security. Ultimately, it’s about people protecting people.

To celebrate that, our mission at the State of Security is to provide a platform for the cybersecurity community to share news, commentary and resources—all in one place.

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Our Community of Bloggers

At Tripwire, we empower our employees to protect organizations and people all around the globe, and we are extremely proud of having them contribute to our award-winning blog. We leverage their valuable knowledge and experience as well as help them to share their stories with the rest of the industry.

We’re also extremely proud to offer a highly visible platform to those who work within cybersecurity or aspire to do so. We work with IT security professionals from around the globe, maintaining The State of Security as a platform for them to share their voice.

If you are interested in contributing, you can check out more information here: https://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/about/contact-us/


Who is Tripwire?

We protect the world’s leading organizations against the most damaging cyber attacks. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years, keeping pace with rapidly changing technological complexities to defend against ever-evolving threats.

On site and in the cloud, our diverse solutions find, monitor and minimize risks to your digital infrastructure—all without disrupting day-to-day operations or productivity. Think of us as the invisible line that keeps systems safe.

With a portfolio built on maintaining the most critical cybersecurity practices according to the highest standards, we deliver the technology and expertise that’s needed to stay on top of unauthorized changes, new vulnerabilities and weaknesses as well as drifts outside of your security policy. We have more than 40 patents under our belt, and we never stop innovating new ways of detecting issues and defeating intruders.

Known and trusted, we keep complex digital systems protected in a world of unknowns.

Learn more at tripwire.com. Get security news, trends and insights at tripwire.com/state-of-security. And follow us on Twitter @TripwireInc.

VERT: Tripwire’s Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team

Combat the Latest Threats 

Tripwire's (VERT) gives you the expert, in-depth support you need. 

✓ Committed

A dedicated team of security experts focused solely on research. Security is a moving object. We keep you equipped for change with our proactive solutions.

✓ Accurate and Relevant

Get coverage for the vulnerabilities that matter to the enterprise. We provide threat defense intelligence for the devices and applications present in modern enterprise environments.

✓ Responsive

Tripwire generally responds within 24 hours to security updates released by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday.

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