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A hacker group used distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against two giants in the gaming industry, causing widespread service outages among users.

First, Lizard Squad, the self-professed “king of DDoS,” took down Xbox Live early last week. The ensuing outage lasted all of Monday night, with Microsoft support announcing that service had been restored on Tuesday.

Shortly after the service interruption occurred, Lizard Squad tweeted “Xbox Live #offline” and announced that they would gift Microsoft a “wonderful” Christmas present this year.

It would appear the group is living up to its promise. Later on Friday, Lizard Squad brought down Xbox Live again with another DDoS attack.

Xbox 360 users were disproportionately affected by the group’s second attack against Microsoft that week, though Xbox One also experienced some problems.

Then late last night on Sunday, Lizard Squad shifted its focus to Sony, which is still in the process of investigating a massive hack, and used a DDoS attack to bring down Sony Entertainment’s PlayStation Network (PSN).

The group has also claimed responsibility for bringing down Sony’s online PlayStation store, replacing the homepage with the text, “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the Internet’s Fault.”

While service has been restored to PSN, the PlayStation store outage is still ongoing as of this writing.

Sony is no stranger to Lizard Squad. The hacker group attacked the tech giant in August earlier this year, causing a massive service interruption among North American users.

The group shortly thereafter tweeted that explosives were aboard an American Airlines flight on which Sony Entertainment President John Smedley was flying, causing the plane to be diverted.

These recent attacks against Xbox Live and Sony are just the beginning, according to Lizard Squad. On Christmas Day, the hacker group has announced that it will bring down Xbox Live, only this time, it promises that the attack will irreversibly cripple the service, causing the outage to last “forever.”

Whether the hacker group makes good on this promise remains to be seen. At any event, we can certainly expect additional attacks from Lizard Squad before this holiday season is over.

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  • Jason

    Launching a DDoS attack requires no skill and certainly no imagination. These are children who thrive on attention, nothing more, and the news keeps giving it to them. The more we report on such happenings, the more they happen. Do your part and please just stop giving them any of your attention.

    • anonymous

      maybe someone should trace them and have them put into a juvenile penitentary/prison because what they are doing is illegal

    • Rainin


  • Jay

    Anonymous is a hacking group first off. And there's more to come. There's a reason for everything we just don't know it yet

  • lizard killer

    Find lizard squad and kill them all and there family's for been a bunch of pricks

    • Luke

      why would we kill them…..put them into jail not kill them

  • Brad

    This is cyber terrorism and from what has been announced I can't believe that more has not been done about it. I am not a tech wizard but I encourage anyone who can trace the lizard squad'ssquad's to ddos them back in a large number. If their IP or even their actual addresses are found make them public. I do not want to encourage violence because nothing harmful has been done but some response is necessary if anyone wants something done about these hackers.

  • Jack

    I heard they might also take credit cards off accounts so take yours off before Christmas

    • Nickford

      Learn what a DDOS attack is. There was no security breach. It was an overload.

  • Sozer

    Qu'il aille se faire mettre cest pd qui casse les couilles a toute monde

  • chuck

    They r being traced right now. That is y psn and xboxlive have been down so long. These jobless 18-30 yr old virgins in mamas basement will b on the news just like they want but crying when they have to sleep next to rapists and murderers. At least they will get laid

  • imanerd11

    hardly is ddos "hacking."

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