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For those of you who were lucky enough to be at Security BSides San Francisco 2013, you already know what we know – the event went off without a hitch, and has set a new benchmark for other Security BSides conferences to come. After overcoming last year’s near fiasco stemming from a ridiculous conflict with organizers of the neighboring RSA Conference, the BSides crew had a new set of challenges to confront in order to pull off this gathering of  innovative and iconoclastic infosec pros.

First off, long time organizer Amber Wolf for the first time was not at the helm, leaving this years new chief Ian F. having to fill some big shoes. If that was not enough for Ian to worry about, he also had to oversee a changing of venues from the conveniently located Children’s Museum (next to the Moscone Center and home to the RSA show) to the new pad at the DNA Lounge, which was more than a short hike away.

Nonetheless, the crowd was bigger than ever, and the lineup of speakers was spectacular, culminating with keynotes from Dan Kaminsky on Sunday and Josh Corman on Monday, followed by a roast of the infosec industry by noted cynics Jack Daniel, Boris Sverdlik, and our friend from across the pond Javvad Malik.

Though we could not get to everyone who made the show such a success, we were lucky enough to pull aside a few folks aside to tap their insight and expertise with the thought provoking statement, “I instill confidence by…” and then allowing them to fill in the blank. Some of the responses were silly, some serious, and all had something to offer onwhat we do as information security professionals to provide our clients with the level of assurance necessary to allow them to concentrate on their organization’s primary business objective.

Check them out here:

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Click here to see the full “I instill confidence by…” set, or to get larger versions of the photos.

A short recap of Sunday’s sessions includes a great talk by Rohyt Belani and Brandon Dunlap discussing phishing and SCADA security; Adam Kujawa and Jerome Segura looking at the surge in ransomware; Jasper van Woudenberg looking at side channel attacks; Dr. Jamo Limnéll looking into cyberwar issues; Dr. Christopher R. Lew examining Chinese-based SPT;  Kyle Adams on intrusion deception; Bill Marczak on the consumerization of cyber espionage; Adam J Kujawa looking at malware analysis; Craig Young reviewing Google’s two-factor authentication, and more.

Mondays sessions included Valerie Thomas and Harry Regan’s fascinating talk on physical penetration testing; Mike Shema discussing problems with JavaScript and HTML5; Andrew Hay looking into cloud forensics; Kevin McNamee on Android botnets; Ed Bellis revisiting the Security Mendoza line; Jason Andress on anti-forensics; Dan Kuykendall conducting live mobile app hacking; Brett Hardin bashing pentesting; and Chris Bream and Matt Hastings looking into Windows persistence.

Tripwire is proud to helped sponsor the event by providing a breakfast and lunch bonanza, as well as giving away some nifty schwag to attendees. Be sure to catch the Tripwire crew at RSA booth #923 as we continue to gather some insights into other areas of interest – just come by and see what questions we have that day, get your photo taken, then join the growing gallery of industry luminaries. Try your luck at our Hack Attack game challenge and have a chance to win some awesome prizes like an Atari Plug-n-Play or a state of the art Wii U!

Look for Triprire’s CTO Dwayne Melancon to be delivering the RSA Tech Talk address at 1:10 on Tuesday, then his session on Rugged DevOps with fellow panelists Gene Kim, Dave Mortman, Josh Corman, and Nick Galbreath at 3:50 in room 132. On Wednesday see the incredible Gene Kim signing his new book The Phoenix Project (co-authored with Kevin Behr and George Spafford)- we will be giving away a bunch of free copies, so get there quick… See you in San Francisco!