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When I stand in front of people and/or watch people receive awards for “the most calls made” or “high volume of contact with customer,” I think, “That is great and all, but do they know what it takes to make that happen? Do they know who is up late at nights protecting them, their information, and their ability to work the next day?”

It dawned on me that most general staff members have no clue what information security does for them and how security professionals are there to ensure they are employed the next day.

The disconnection of awareness between general staff/managers and security professionals is great. Where general staff and managers just see one goal per week or at a month at a time, security professionals have to take into consideration where the company is at, where they are heading, and what obstacle are going to be in the way along with juggling the industry security trends.

As you can see, one takes a little more thought process than the other. Yet, security professionals are rarely thanked or given recognition. If we look at this from the different direction, there would be fall out without security professionals around to protect others.

There is a lot of power that security professionals hold and are held to. At the same token, this profession comes with get responsibility. It is up to the professional to determine the lines of grey and lay within the background while others play in their day. Much like batman or a comic book justice protector, security professionals are the unknown heroes.

Here is what I have done to ensure that information security professionals and supporting cyber security professional are notice and thanked. Any time I teach my students and/or mentor employees, I provide them with the theory, ideology and overall mind frame that our jobs and duty is to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

“With great duty comes great responsibility.”

So, while others are gaining awards, the security professional is gaining notoriety for carrying the weight of the company’s protection on their shoulders. If no one says it to you, thank you, security professional.


Ricoh DanielsonAbout the Author: Ricoh Danielson is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a digital forensic expert in cell phone forensics for high profile criminal and civil cases, Ricoh has a heavy passion for information security and digital forensic that led him to start up his firm (Fortitude Tech LLC) in the middle of law school to become Phoenix’s heavy hitting digital forensic power house.

He is also a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Colorado Tech University, and UCLA Anderson School of Management. 

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this guest author article are solely those of the contributor, and do not necessarily reflect those of Tripwire, Inc.