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I was on my way to work yesterday morning when I read the follow up on the request from the FBI to have Apple unlock one of the San Bernandino shooter’s iPhone.

I have been following this issue as it is one of the privacy concerns I have—encryption backdoors = bad.

I say this a lot, but I understand from 25+ years of experience and personal and professional research I have done into the topic, that there is a strong rationale behind denying the request to build in backdoors.

I think Tim Cook did an excellent job in this open letter to address the issues here in a rational and intelligent response to the FBI/court order. Please read it and then voice your support for Apple and any other vendor who refuses to weaken our crypto-systems.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.37.08 AM
Source: Apple

I know that we live in a society that values the ability of the police to do their jobs and convict criminals but we also have to face the fact that liberty comes at a cost.

In this case I feel very strongly that Apple and others should fight back tooth and nail against these desires. On their face, they solve an immediate problem for law enforcement but, as Bruce Schneier has pointed out repeatedly in his writing, the fallout from that sort of decision can be disastrous to our liberty and privacy.

Security vs. Surveillance, is one of the best articles I have read on the topic and I will not try to summarize or improve upon Mr Schneier’s excellent words.

All in all, he has written multiple books and blog posts and spoken eloquently on the topic. All I can do is add my humble support.

Educate everyone around you – ask if they want the government or a corporation to have their house keys, car keys and the keys to their safes?

“Scare” the hell out of them because the weakening of our crypto systems is a threat to our privacy and individual liberty, AND it only makes everyone’s security weaker.

Email or write to your representatives. We need to speak up now before it is too late to speak at all.


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