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We all had a lot of fun making the trilogy of “Meet John Powers” videos earlier this summer, as did the cast and crew from Twist & Shout who produced the series.

When the crew was finished filming the third segment, they took some time to do a few out-of-band snippets that have fun with some of the more common “annoyances” every IT security pro has run into at point or another in their career.

The concept in this humorous clip: When confronted with inane complaints from enterprise network end-users, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just slip on our rose-tinted security spectacles and magically be able to address the situation with a completely different mindset?


We hope you enjoyed this delightful departure from your daily infosec grind, and if you missed the three fantastic videos we released earlier, they can all be found here – including a fun “bloopers and outtakes” reel:

You can also stay connected with John Powers on Twitter @CISOpowers

Hasta pronto,